Super Smoothie Delights are a range of GREAT tasting natural fruit smoothie powders that make it easier to get all the vitamins and minerals in without kilograms of fruit and veggies daily to do so. 

Super Smoothie Delights are made from 100% naturally sourced fruit that has undergone a natural drying process to ensure that the powders are full of their original raw flavour, colour and essential nutrients and vitamins. Each Smoothie Delight has natural Manuka honey added to enhance flavour profile, extend the range of antioxidants and to solve the sugar craving's naturally. 

10 grams of Super Smoothie Delight contains approximately the nutritional value of 10 of the fruit in it's solid form!

Farmers Choice Super Smoothie Delights are so easy to consume! Add them to your favourite breakfast or mix with water or milk for a quick on the go NATURAL VITAMIN BOOST!

There are a great range of suggestions on how to add Farmers Choice Super Smoothie Delights into your every day life!